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BM Voyage Bike Bag
R 6,499.00
The Black Marlin Voyage bike bag is quick to pack, without compromising on protection. When you fly with your road bike, you have to pack it into a bike case, box or bag. Bike bags are cheaper because most airlines won't charge you a supplementary charge, but they don't normally offer the same protection as bike cases. That's why we created the Black Marlin Voyager bike travel bag - providing case-level protection in the form of a bike bag. It is a heavy-duty protection, fast to pack and lightweight design. The multi-axle system allows transportation of bikes with quick release and 12mm thru axle skewers. By default compatible with Thru Axle skewers, the bag includes four Thru Axle to Quick release adapters to cater for all needs. Providing better mobility. Feature : - Self-healing zipper Specification : - Weight: 8kg - Folded Dimensions: 98cm x 41cm x 34cm - External...
BM Voyage Hard Case
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The toughest and lightest hard shell bike transport case in the world, now compatible with thru axle system. The New Black Marlin Hard Case, Travel Case alleviates the stress, worry and hassle of traveling with a road bike or triathlon bike. Minimal disassembly of your bicycle, padded protection, dedicated storage space for all bike parts and strong yet lightweight materials, provide you with the confidence that your bike will arrive safe and sound at your destination. The latest and updated model now includes a set of quick release adapters catering for both thru-axle and quick-release systems. If you have spent a significant amount of money on a delicate carbon bike and you intend to travel by plane, it's definitely worth investing in a decent bike box. Black Marlin has you covered with the Hard Travel Case . Features: - Travel Sentry approved key locks - Heavy Duty Butterfly locks Specifications:...