G8 Performance

Custom Heat Moldable Orthotic Insoles
R 1,799.00
IGNITE orthotics for feet are the ultimate heat-moldable orthotic insole product. Simple to heat with a hairdryer, these insoles are comfortable and offer a high level of support. These insoles feature a cushioned heel pad, a flexible forefoot, and the base is easily heat moldable. They are fully customizable for individual feet and they can be heated and remolded multiple times without compromising their integrity or functionality. This insole is ideal for those on their feet all day, as well as active kids and adolescents with growing feet. It is also a valuable investment as a precursor to the 2600 PRO SERIES for those with inflexible feet, plantar fasciitis, collapsed arches, and other injuries. Key Features Enhanced forefoot flex for comfort Perfectly customized fit Unparalleled support Adaptability Machine washable Lifespan 9-12 months
Custom Orthotic Insoles
R 2,399.00
Catalogue Presentation Features Thin and lightweight Fully customizable with 5 arch heights and 11 position options Narrow heel cup Inbuilt metatarsal pad Chambers for air flow Benefits Increase foot flexion Increase blood flow in the foot Reduce foot numbness and pain Provides power transfer over a greater surface area Please note that you must obtain the compatible size to your 2620s e.g. medium size wedges for medium 2620s.  
Metdomes / Metatarsal Pads
R 699.00
FeaturesIn-house designed and rigorously testedKit contains 2 x 2.5mm domes and 2 x 4.5mm domesAdhere to the top cover of the Pro Series 2620 or Ignite orthotic insoles using our magic hook systemCan be moved to numerous times to get the correct placementBenefitsIncrease blood flow to the feet and toesReduces incidence of foot and toe numbnessHelps regulate foot temperatureIncreases suppleness of collateral ligamentsMost effective when used with a 2620 arch piece positioned forward behind the metatarsal heads (ball of the foot) Catalogue Presentation Our Metdomes™ are designed to increase blood flow to the foot to alleviate toe/foot numbness and regulate foot temperature.The Metdomes™ fit under the 1st and 2nd metatarsal heads (ball of foot) gently lifting and spreading the bones to allow increased blood flow. (Yoga for your feet)Metdomes™ are useful if:– You experience toe or foot tingling or numbness during sport– You experience temperature extremes in your feet. (hot...
Heel Wedges / Foot Alignment | Foot Balance
R 869.00
Catalogue Presentation 2620 Pro Series Heel Wedges are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the 2620 Orthotic Insoles and/or correct varus/valgus alignment issues. The wedges clip seamlessly into the heel of the 2620 orthotic insoles and help with alignment and balance of the foot in the shoe. Heel wedges are useful if: your feet do not follow a straight line when you walk, run or cycle you have rear foot mis-alignment you want to create small increments between the 2620 arch heights to help transition from one arch height to the other Features Purposefully integrated into the heel cup of the 2620 Orthotic insole Kit contains 6 x reversible varus / valgus (outward / inward ) wedges in three heights (1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm) Non-stackable true wedges. True wedging is where the zero portion of the wedge stays constant regardless of wedge height Benefits Correct minor heel pronation / supination...