Super Help

Super Help Bike Cleaner 500ml SH-800
R 99.00
Special detergent to remove mud, dust, tar and obstinate dirt leaving the bike looking really clean. Ready to use, quick action, immediate results. All over use , Thanks to its pH-neutral formula it is safe on carbon fiber, titanium , aluminium, steel, chrome , rubber, plastics and paintwork. FEATURES: Ready to use Cleans and degreases easily removing dirt from the bike. Ph neutral formula. APPLICATIONS: For cleaning deeply the bicycle. Catalogue
Super Help Bike Degreaser 400ml SH-840
R 75.00
Extra powerful surface cleaner and degreaser. A blend of powerful solvents and emulsifiers, combined to quickly remove grease, grime, dirt & oil from the chain and from all moving bike parts. Easy to use, just spray it on, wait for some minutes and rinse off for collection and proper disposal. FEATURES: Cleans and degreases the chain. Cleans and degreases the brake disc. Cleans and degreases all moving bike parts. Stable, non-staining and non-corrosive to metals. Emulsifiers enable the product to be easily washed away with water. If necessary, collect the water mix for disposal according to local regulations. Equipped with a special aerosol sprayer head with extension tube for an easier use. The fast acting formulation saves time. Caustic materials free. Aerosols use butan-propane propellant to maintain high pressure to the very last fluid in the can. APPLICATIONS: Bicycle chain. Bicycle brake disc. Bicycle moving parts. Catalogue
Super Help Chain Lube Dry 110ml SH-900
R 65.00
Specially studied and developed to ride in dry and dusty conditions.Penetrates,lubricates,repels dirt and protects against corrosion. Form a dry film to protect the chain, repelling dirt. PTFE addition helps to minimise surface to surface contact with an anti-friction shield. You will get a clean and smooth drivetrain. FEATURES: Penetrates,lubricates,repels dirt and protects against corrosion. Form a dry film to protect the chain, repelling dirt. High performance lubricant incorporating a sophisticated additive package with PTFE to provide long lasting protection against friction, wear and corrosion. APPLICATIONS: For dry and dusty road conditions.   Catalogue
Super Help LTX Latex 1 Liter SH-777
R 239.00
LTX 777 is an innovative tyre sealant, successfully used in tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications .Once shaken, the product turns into a foam spreading easily. In case of a flat tyre LTX777 gets through the hole polymerizing and, by increasing its molecular weight, seals the hole with a fast sealing action. FEATURES: Quick sealing action. APPLICATIONS: Tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications Catalogue
Super Help Tyre Shine 400ml SH-7400
R 65.00
Protects the tyre and rubber parts preserving their original smoothness. Avoids deterioration, increasing shine and brightening colour. Quick action dry foam cleaner. One step tyre care. Just spray on to clean and protect tyres. Based on a polymer emulsion formulated to give an active foam when sprayed on tyre walls. Super Help tyre shine removes tyre stains and scuff marks, making tyres look like new again. FEATURES: Penetrates and cleans the rubber tyre wall. Dries to a clear glossy film. Makes rubber flexible. Protects against discoloration and oxidation. Works by simply spraying the tyre, without wiping or washing. Leaves an inert film that repels dirt. No influence on drive and brake behavior when applied properly. Overspray will not affect paint or wheel surfaces; it simply wipes off. Aerosols use butan-propane propellant to maintain high pressure to the very last fluid in the can. APPLICATIONS: Tyre cleaning for: Cars Trucks Busses...
Super Help Chain Lube Wet 110ml SH-910
R 65.00
Specially studied and developed  to ride in wet  and muddy  conditions.Penetrates and Lubricates, protecting  the chain against humidity and  corrosion. Improves shifting and extends chain life by repelling moisture and mud. Catalogue
Super HelpTyre Repair 100ml Quick Connect SH-1100QC
R 69.00
All bicycle riders need to get such an easy and handy product with them. not having an outside connector with hose, but an all-in connector is a true advantage to them. in this way they can place the can in their pocket or on the frame of the bicycle. such a connector is an advantage even for off roads riders who tie the can to the frame of the bicycle, because it will remain clean being protected by the clear cap. For repairing and inflating instantly, without dismounting the wheel every kind of tyre - with or without tube. It acts deeply into the tyre forming a special sealing film which ensures an efficacious repair. A rubber latex based aerosol product that re-inflates punctured tyres and at the same time seals the puncture. Super Help tyre repair is designed to give fast, temporary relief in emergency situations when changing a...