Humon technology

The Humon Hex is the world's first clinically validated muscle oxygen sensor. The Hex is used to enhance endurance training and measure lactate threshold.

How does is work?

The Humon Hex uses near-infrared spectroscopy to measure the oxygen saturation in muscles (also referred to as SmO2 % or Muscle Ox %). LEDs emit light into the muscle tissue and several detectors measure the light intensity as it propagates through the muscle.

What is muscle Ox?

Oxygen is delivered to the muscle by red blood cells via the arteries. Once the oxygen is used by the muscle, the red blood cells go back to the lungs to pick up more oxygen and repeat the cycle.
Muscle Ox vs Blood Ox:
Blood Ox is the oxygen saturation in the arteries, and represents the oxygen supply. It is commonly measured using a fingertip pulse-oximeter.