Kactus technology

*Saves 45% chain friction resistance compared to 11T guide wheels

*Ceramic bearing version saves more than 2.2 watts of average power compared to the original transmission system

*Full carbon fiber cage

*Full 7075 aluminum alloy CNC cutting lightweight guide wheel and TC4 titanium alloy spindle

*Color: Anode red, enamel, blue, gold, green

*Ceramic bearing version   Ceramic Bead Bearing Version NSK Steel Bearing Version

*Weight: 17TH: 55g

*The ceramic bearing version is 1.2 grams lighter than the steel bearing version


Kactus TECH concentric swing cage system adopts single aluminum alloy bolt fasten solution. It is lighter and easier for end-users. Titanium alloy shaft fastened to the aluminum alloy base, evenly distributing the force to the entire carbon fiber plate. shifting speed increased by 20%-26%.


Why replace derailleur pulley wheel

Firstly, porous spring position limit could adjust back tension largely, improve the weakness of original weak stretch, and make the up and down chain tension between guide wheel and cogs much more adequately.

Secondly, the contact tooth number or control tooth number between chain and cogs of rear derailleur 17T is more during gear shifting, it just like to pinch the middle and two sides of some sticks, the larger the control lever, the stronger the control power.

Lastly, after redesign the cage’s rotation curve, the distance between upper guide wheel and the cogs is improved.