ThinkRider questions

30 Questions to ask about Thinkrider:


  1. What is ThinkRider?

A: ThinkRider is an intelligent training system consisting of a smart riding platform, a smart riding alliance riding software and a cloud backstage.


  1. What do I need to prepare to use this system?

A: Buy any model of ThinkRider's smart riding platform, then download the "Chi-Chi Alliance" software; you also need a suitable bicycle.


  1. Do I need to connect to the Internet to use the "Chi-Chi Alliance"?

A: Yes, "Chi-Chi Alliance" needs to run in the Internet state.


  1. Which transmission protocol does the "Chi-Chi Alliance" software platform use to connect to the riding platform?

A: The mobile phone Android version and the Apple version [Smart Riding Alliance] software support Bluetooth connection, the computer side supports Bluetooth, ant+ dual mode connection (the computer needs to purchase the ant+ signal connector).


  1. Can I use both Bluetooth and ANT+ transmission protocols when using a computer to connect sensors?

A: Yes, if you need to use ANT+ sensor, you need to plug in the ANT+ signal receiver on your computer.


  1. Since I can support the Ant+ transport protocol, can I use my existing Ant+ sensor directly with the "Chi-Chi Alliance"?

A: In principle, our "Chi-Chi Alliance" supports most of the Ant+ protocol sensors, but we do not guarantee that all third-party Ant+ sensors are compatible with our system.


  1. I want to display the riding picture on the TV. What should I do?

A: You can connect to the TV through a computer (via HDMI cable or VGA cable); you can also directly cast a video to the TV screen through your mobile phone. For example, the iPhone can project the screen of the mobile phone to Apple or LeTV through one-click airplay. Wireless connection TVs for other mobile phones can use wireless projection devices.


  1. When using the "Chi-Chi Alliance", can you only connect the software to sensors such as speed and cadence without connecting to the intelligent riding platform?

A: Yes, this is the normal riding platform mode. However, if the smart riding platform is not connected, the riding platform will lose the function of automatically adjusting the resistance according to the line during the riding.


  1. Can I use the Bluetooth connection function of the notebook to directly connect to the riding platform instead of using the Chi-Chi Bluetooth adapter?

A: No, you should use the Bluetooth adapter for Zhiqi, or use the mobile phone "Ziqi Alliance" App to scan the QR code of the computer to connect to the PC software.


  1. Can a computer connect to multiple riding platforms at the same time?

A: No, currently only one riding machine can be connected to one computer.


11, why plug in the X3 riding platform power supply, the inside of the riding platform will make a sound?

Answer: After the riding platform is energized, the internal motor starts to work, and some tiny sounds are normal. In addition, the rider must be powered to work properly.


  1. Can my bicycle ride directly on the riding platform?

A: For the safety of you and your bicycle, the rear quick release lever of the bicycle needs to be replaced with the quick release lever that is standard on the Chihuan riding platform.


  1. Can the "Chi-Chi" riding platform be compatible with all bicycles?

A: The three models of the "Chi-Chi" riding platform are different in size. The X3 is compatible with a 20-inch wheel diameter of -29 inches, the X5 is compatible with 26 inches to 29 inches, and the X7 is compatible with a 26-inch-700C. At present, the three riding platforms of Zhizhi only support bicycles with a rear opening of 130mm-135mm, and bicycles with barrel shaft specifications are not supported.


  1. Can you stand up and shake the car during the ride? Need a brake to stop the wheel after the end?

A: The "Chi-Chi" riding platform does not support the car; the brakes are strictly prohibited during the entire use of the riding platform. The brakes will seriously wear the tires and cause damage to the riding platform.


  1. Does the “Chi-Chi” riding platform have requirements for the rear tire pressure?

A: Please refer to the tire to indicate the air pressure, just meet the air pressure requirements of the tire.


  1. Will the “Chi-Chi” riding platform wear out the tires?

A: Any riding platform that comes into contact with the tire will wear the tire. It is recommended to put on a cheap tire.


  1. In the 3D line and the real-life line, do you need to turn the handlebar when encountering a curve during the riding?

A: No, the system has an automatic turn function.


  1. Why do I have more and more resistance when I ride on a line without a slope?

A: In real riding, when the speed reaches a certain value, the wind resistance will be obviously felt. Therefore, our system will simulate the wind resistance to improve the resistance of the riding platform when the riding speed rises to a certain value, making the riding process close to the actual riding. Improve the realism of riding.


  1. Why am I still starting to go downhill and still have a lot of resistance?

A: Due to the time required for the resistance adjustment of the riding platform, the resistance matching has a short time lag.


  1. The software has been connected to the riding platform. Why is there a situation where the speed is 0 or the speed is constant during the riding?

A: It may be that the Bluetooth connection between the software platform and the riding platform has been disconnected. Please reconnect.


  1. Why is the displayed power different from the value of my power meter?

Answer: The power display of X3 and X5 is calculated based on the current speed and resistance. It is normal to have a certain difference from the real power.


22, where is the mobile phone's [Chi-Chi Alliance] software download?

A: The computer version can be downloaded from our official website page; Ios version of the app should be searched and downloaded in Apple's App Store. For the Android version, please go to Tencent's [Apps] to search and download; if the application is not searchable, it is recommended to download the latest version of the application treasure update.


  1. Why do I use a mobile phone (or computer) Bluetooth setting to connect to the riding platform to have a Bluetooth password?

A: Do not use the mobile phone to set up the Bluetooth connection; please open the [Smart Riding Alliance] APP first, enter the [Device] page, select [Smart Riding Table] to start the connection.


  1. Regarding the connection between the mobile phone and the computer scan code, why is the connection failed?

A: Please make sure that your mobile phone and computer network use the same WIFI account (under the same router); in this case, the mobile phone cannot use 4G network to access the Internet.


25, why my APP enters the 3d interface has been stuck in the 50% interface, it will not move?

A: This is a network delay. Please close the software and re-open it. If the mobile terminal still does not work, please turn off the mobile phone WIFI, and use the mobile phone's own 4G network will be more stable.


  1. Why does my entry into the game mode show that the game has started or ended?

A: Our games start from the hour, and the game must wait a few minutes in advance. After the start time, you can't enter. So the game that has started or has ended can no longer enter.


  1. Why did I suddenly have no data during the ride? The characters on the screen did not move or kept moving at the same speed.

A: This is because the connection between the mobile phone software and the riding platform is broken. It is good to exit the re-scanning connection.


  1. Why do I use software to search for a blank space on the smart riding platform?

A: Blank indicates that the Bluetooth device cannot be searched. First of all, you have to confirm 1. Is the phone's own Bluetooth turned on? 2. Is the rider powered? 3. Has this riding platform been connected by another mobile phone? Because a Bluetooth will only adapt to one device, the second one will not be searched and must be disconnected first. If everything is ok, you can turn off the smart ride app and restart it.


  1. What are the requirements for the computer and mobile version?

A: The PC side of the computer does not support Windows XP and Apple systems. The minimum requirements are windos7 and above, 64-bit systems. Mobile phone IOS minimum requirements IOS 9 or above. Android phones require a minimum of Android 5.0 or higher.


  1. Why does my Android phone prompt for parsing errors after downloading the installation package, can't I install it?

A: First of all, make sure your mobile phone is Android 5.0 or above; then check if the non-system original anti-virus software is installed in the mobile phone, such as 360, Jinshan Guardian, Tencent Mobile Manager. If you have to uninstall it first, then re-download our software, you can re-install the anti-virus software after installation.